POPSTAR started with manufacturing cycle components slowly paving its way onto becoming the one of the ‘Best Cycle Brand’ in India. Today, Popstar is undoubtedly the largest manufacturer of bicycles in India.

Popstar Gladiator Red
Popstar benzo black & Green
Popstar Twister purple
Popstar Twister Pink
Popstar Jocky Red
Popstar Roadies Black Small
Popstar Blade Bmx neon green
Popstar Unicorn Red
Popstar Benzo Green
Popstar Gladiator Blue
Popstar Speed Red Kids
Popstar zoom white & blue
Popstar Benzo black & orange
Popstar benzo 16
Popstar Gladiator SX Blue
Popstar zoom 16 pink
Popstar benzo 20
Popstar Unicorn 20 Blue
Popstar speed 16 pink
Popstar speed 20 pink
Popstar Dragon Rowdies Black
Popstar Speed 20 Red
Popstar speed 20 blue
Popstar speed 16 red
Popstar benzo 26 black
Popstar fighter black
Popstar Dragon Rowdies black & Green
Popstar speed 16 blue
Popstar Ninja 20 SX blue
Popstar Ninja 20 SX red
Popstar Snipper Orange
Popstar fighter orange & black
Popstar fighter yellow & black
Popstar Dragon Rowdies orange & black
Popstar Dragon Rowdies neon green & black
Popstar Sniper ornage & blue
Popstar speed white & pink
Popstar Scorpion Red
Popstar gladiator red
Popstar Fusion Green
Popstar stingray red
Popstar sniper yellow & blue
Popstar scorpion yellow
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